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What is the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN)?

The TXVSN is the statewide online learning initiative for Texas students and schools. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides online courses to eligible students through the TXVSN. The TXVSN is made up of two componentsthe course catalog and the full-time online schools. The TXVSN Online Schools (OLS) program offers full-time virtual instruction to eligible Texas public school students in grades 3-12 who enroll in one of the TEA-accredited Texas schools approved to participate in the program.

The TXVSN course catalog works in partnership with Texas public schools to provide students opportunities to enroll in high school, Advanced Placement, and dual-credit courses offered by TEA-approved catalog course providers. To view the listing of courses that are offered through the catalog, go to the TXVSN Course Catalog

Eligible students in grades 3-12 have the option to enroll full-time in an approved public online school. These TEA-accredited schools provide a 100% virtual instructional program to public school students across the state. While students enrolled in these schools are not physically present on campus, they meet all appropriate state requirements, including state assessment. There is no cost for an eligible student in Grades 3-12 to enroll in a Texas Education Agency (TEA)-accredited TXVSN online public school. For a list of the TXVSN online schools with links to their individual websites and their contact information, go to the TXVSN website.


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