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Is a student who is not enrolled in a Texas public school eligible to take TXVSN catalog courses?

Yes, a student who resides in this state and is eligible to enroll in a Texas public school may take up to two courses per semester through the TXVSN online course catalog at their own cost. Students and parents may not enroll in TXVSN catalog courses directly. Texas Education Code, §30A.107(c) requires a student who is not enrolled in a Texas public school to enroll in a TXVSN course through the local public school serving the area in which the student resides. 


The student

  • is not considered to be a Texas public school student;
  • must obtain access to the TXVSN course(s) through the school district or open-enrollment attendance zone in which the student resides;
  • is not entitled to enroll in a course offered by a school district or open-enrollment charter school; other than a course provided through the TXVSN and
  • is not entitled to any right, privilege, activities, or services available to a Texas public school student, other than the right to receive the appropriate credit for completing the course.
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