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What are the eligibility requirements to enroll full-time in a TXVSN Online School?

The Texas Legislature established the student eligibility requirements for full-time enrollment in courses offered through the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN). These requirements were passed into state law and are codified in Texas Education Code, Section 30A.002. The TXVSN Online Schools (OLS) program must follow state law.

To enroll full-time* in the TXVSN, a student must meet eligibility requirements for enrollment in a Texas public school and also meet eligibility requirements specific to the TXVSN program. “Full-time enrollment” means enrollment in five or more TXVSN high school-level courses, or enrollment in a grade three through eight full-time TXVSN Online School (OLS) program offered by a TXVSN online school officially recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

A student is eligible for full-time enrollment in TXVSN courses or in a TXVSN OLS program only if the student meets the following criteria:

  1. the student, on September 1 of the school year:
    • is younger than 21 years of age; or
    • is younger than 26 years of age and entitled to the benefits of the FSP under the TEC, §42.003;
  2. the student has not graduated from high school;
  3. the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding school year; or
  4. the student is a dependent of a member of the United States military who has been deployed or transferred to this state and was enrolled in a publicly funded school outside of this state in the preceding school year; or
  5. the student has been placed in substitute care in this state, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding year, or
  6. the student:
    • is a dependent of a member of the United States military;
    • was previously enrolled in high school in this state; and
    • no longer resides in this state as a result of a military deployment or transfer.

Note: Some full-time TXVSN online schools choose to add additional eligibility criteria to the state-level requirements shown above. For more information, please go to the TXVSN website at www.txvsn.org and link to the specific TXVSN online schools’ websites of interest. Enrollment is handled directly between the parent and the online school.

*Enrolled means the student has actually received instruction in a Texas public school district’s or open-enrollment charter school’s traditional, face-to-face classroom, or from one of the two TEA-accredited, tuition-based online schools: Texas Tech University K-12 or The University of Texas at Austin UT High School.

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