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How do I become a TXVSN teacher?

Each instructor of a course offered through the TXVSN must be certified in Texas under the Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 21, Subchapter B to teach that course and grade level or meet the credentialing requirements of the institution of higher education with which they are affiliated and is serving as a TXVSN course provider. In addition, each instructor must meet the TXVSN professional development requirements prior to teaching a course through the network. The TXVSN online teacher serves as the teacher of record and must meet all TXVSN requirements.

TEA and TXVSN central operations do not hire teachers or oversee instruction. TXVSN catalog and OLS program course providers are responsible for instruction. Please contact the TXVSN catalog course provider or TXVSN online school that you're interested in directly regarding possible employment opportunities. Some TXVSN course providers employ the teacher and, in other cases, the course provider’s third party partner employs the teacher. (Any questions regarding participation in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) should be directed to the TRS.)

*Refer to the Teacher Assignment Chart on the TEA’s Educator Certification Division website or contact them at 512-936-8400. 

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