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Are the laws and rules about showing endorsements, distinguished level of achievement, and performance acknowledgments on a student’s transcript the same for a TXVSN full-time virtual school as for a traditional brick-and-mortar public school?

Yes, the same graduation requirements and rules about information shown on a student transcript, including endorsements, distinguished level of achievement, and performance acknowledgments, that apply to a brick-and-mortar Texas public school also apply to a TEA-accredited public school authorized to participate in the agency’s full-time Texas Virtual School Network Online Schools (TXVSN OLS) program.


Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 74. Curriculum Requirements, Subchapter B. Graduation Requirements, §74.11 High School Graduation Requirements provides details about endorsements, distinguished level of achievement, and performance acknowledgments. 

  • 74.11(b) states:  

A school district shall clearly indicate the distinguished level of achievement under the Foundation High School Program, an endorsement, and a performance acknowledgment on the transcript or academic achievement record (AAR) of a student who satisfies the applicable requirements.

  • 74.11 (e) states  

A student may earn a distinguished level of achievement by successfully completing the curriculum requirements for the Foundation High School Program and the curriculum requirements for at least one endorsement required by the Texas Education Code (TEC), §28.025(b-15), including four credits in science and four credits in mathematics to include Algebra II.

  • 74.14 addresses the various ways a student may earn a performance acknowledgment


The graduation Side by Side Comparison document published on the TEA website may also be useful.


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